Applying Online

Whatever your financial requirements we can help find the one solution that's right for you!

Loan Solutions has built relationships with a large panel of lenders which means you are almost guaranteed finance, whatever your requirements or circumstances may be.

Your online application will be instantly put out to a panel of no fewer than 13 lenders and approval is possible in as quickly as 40 seconds subject to all correct information being provided.

We offer you a simple, no fuss application process so you don't get bogged down in finding the right loan solution and we do all of the hard work for you.

Please Note: we are aware that members of the public have been contacted by a company representing themselves as Loan Solutions requesting large cash payments via Ukash or Western Union to finalise a loan agreement. You should note that Loan Solutions does not take payment by Ukash or Western Union. If you have been contacted in this manner we advise you not to make any payments and to contact your local police office and/or Trading Standards.
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